Most of us can relate to the words of John Lennon and the assignment where he wrote that all he wants to be when he grows up is – happy. In order to make your day to day life happier, we will share a few simple tricks with you.

Figure out what makes you happy

Feel free to write make a list of things that make you happy. Even if you are feeling down at the moment, you will be surprised how long the list actually is. Just making the list will put you in better mood to begin with.

After you make a list, keep in mind that it contains the things you should afford to do whenever you have the chance. Feel free to add things to it as you remember something new. Also, you should add some of the activities we suggest, since they are certain to boost your feeling of happiness on daily basis.


It is scientifically proven that physical activity boosts the levels of endorphin, which makes you happier and more energized. Therefore, find at least 20 minutes a day for your favorite activity, crank up the tunes and enjoy.

A day in nature

Spending time in nature can help you regain your balance and reduce stress. You do not need to organize a hiking trip to enjoy nature. Go to a local park or by the riverside and spend some time there.

Reward yourself

After hard working day or some activity you do not particularly enjoy, make sure to reward yourself. Buy yourself your favorite treat or do something you love. It will instantly boost your mood and make you feel worthwhile.


Those you love are always a good source of positive energy. Make sure to find time for them on regular basis. But when you are short on time, a simple call or text to them will make you feel better in an instant. Not to mention that it will make their day as well.

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