If you want to have a healthy life in your later years it is vital that you start practicing a healthy lifestyle now. Although there is so much information out there about how to live healthy many people hardly do – they are too busy to either eat right or work out. These are the 2 things that are vital to a healthy lifestyle – diet and exercise.

Diet is a big problem for many people – they just don’t have the time to prepare proper meals. If you continue to eat fast food and processed foods you can be certain that you are putting yourself at risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease. You meals should consist primarily of healthy proteins, healthy carbs and lots of fruits and vegetables. In case you are wondering, healthy proteins include foods such as lean meats (trimmed beef, chicken, turkey and fish) while healthy carbs include potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta and whole breads.

As for exercise it is important that you get at least 1 hour of exercise 3 or 4 times a week. Many people do not work out because they don’t have the time or inclination to go to a gym. You don’t have to work out in a gym to get in some exercise. There are lots of fun activities that you can engage in that will give you the workouts that you need. If you enjoy walking, for example, why not go hiking on the weekend? Or maybe you can keep your dancing skills alive by joining a dance class that you attend a couple of times a week. If you have kids you can join them for a game of soccer once or twice a week after work. In other words you don’t have to have a formal exercise routine – if you make it6 fun you will find that it is much easier to do.

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